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Colegiul Tehnic Energetic Remus Radulet Brasov


The “Remus Radulet” Energy Technical College in Brasov is the most important provider of VET training in electronics, automation, and mechatronics in Brasov and in the top three in Transylvania. With 1,065 students enrolled in the school year 2018-2019 and is one of the largest in the region. Of these, 767 are technological high school students, vocational school students, master school, and post-secondary school students. The Teaching Staff is made up of 81 teachers, engineers, and foremen instructors all qualified with teaching degrees. The educational offer of the institution is based on technical, high-tech fields, electronics, automation, and mechatronics. CTERR is a dynamic organization, adapted to major changes in the labor market, open to local, national and international collaborations.


Kárpát Medencei Tehetségkutató Alapítvány


The Carpathian Basin Talent Spotting Foundation was established as a non-profit organisation in 2015. The mission of the organisation is to identify, support and manage the development of youngsters between the ages of 16-30 living in the Carpathian Basin. In our talent spotting system 1.613 youth have registered since the beginning and we have worked together with more than 80 mentees who were selected from the registered, talented persons. Currently we are supporting 41young people within that program. On top of the grants we are provide spiritual and intellectual background to their careers by our mentors. Furthermore, we are committed to create a positive atmosphere which is essential for their personal and social development too. According to our calculation we have reached 250.000-300.000 young students by lectures, applications, events, conferences, press and social media. The cornerstone of our organisation is talent management and our tightly related successful mentor system. We believe that talent is high motivation, passion, determination to a given topic, specialization whereby the talented person could be the best in their vocation with hard working. In the field of talent management our aim is to give personal support to our mentees which can be provided by our mentor system.


Associació Programes Educatius Open Europe

The ‘Associació de Programes Educatius OpenEurope’  is a non-profit organization based in Reus, Catalonia, Spain, which works to enable young people and adults working in the youth field to participate in European programmes. The projects and initiatives of the association are aimed at getting educators, teachers, students and the community at large involved in carrying out programmes seeking lifelong learning. 

Our programmes are aimed at developing communication, leadership and employability capacities.In addition, we also pay particular attention to strengthening the capacity of non-governmental organisations and volunteering to resolve or alleviate social problems. We help to involve all members of the community in the activities of these entities, especially those relating to civil liability, immigration, people-friendly technology or smart cities.


Stichting Wave Education

De Carpathian Basin Talent Spotting Foundation is in 2015 opgericht als een non-profitorganisatie. De missie van de organisatie is het identificeren, ondersteunen en beheren van de ontwikkeling van jongeren tussen de 16-30 jaar die in het Karpatenbekken wonen. In ons talent spotting systeem hebben zich sinds het begin 1.613 jongeren aangemeld en hebben we samengewerkt met meer dan 80 mentees die zijn geselecteerd uit de geregistreerde, getalenteerde personen. Momenteel ondersteunen we binnen dat programma 41 jongeren. Bovenop de beurzen bieden onze mentoren spirituele en intellectuele achtergrond voor hun loopbaan. Bovendien zetten we ons in om een ​​positieve sfeer te creëren die ook essentieel is voor hun persoonlijke en sociale ontwikkeling. Volgens onze berekening hebben we 250.000-300.000 jonge studenten bereikt via lezingen, aanmeldingen, evenementen, conferenties, pers en sociale media. De hoeksteen van onze organisatie is talentmanagement en ons nauw verwante succesvolle mentorsysteem. Wij geloven dat talent een hoge motivatie, passie, vastberadenheid voor een bepaald onderwerp is, specialisatie waarbij de getalenteerde persoon de beste kan zijn in hun roeping met hard werken. Op het gebied van talentmanagement is ons doel om onze mentees persoonlijke ondersteuning te geven, die kan worden geboden door ons mentorsysteem.

Dvojezična srednja šola Lendava/Kétnyelvű Középiskola, Lendva

Bilingual secondary school Lendava is the only bilingual secondary school in Slovenia where instruction is carried out in Slovenian and Hungarian in all subjects. In addition to these two we also offer English and German. Because of our specific status, the school offers a wide selection of programs: general secondary school, secondary technical or professional programs: (Mechanical technician, Chemical technician, Economy technician, Mechatronic technician)  and secondary vocational programs: (Administrator, Car mechanic, Electrician, Gastronomy and hotel services, Installer, Mechatronic operator, Stove maker – ceramist, Metal worker – toolmaker, Shop assistant).

Vocational and technical students spend a paert of their schooling at local firms within their work placements. The school is in close contact with their placement mentors. Within the scope of international projects (ERASMUS+) we also make it possible for our student sto spend a part of their work placement abroad. In addition to that, students in the program Economy technician establish a learning firm, a school subject where thez can test their skills and knowledge in practice.


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